Satoria Pharma’s IV Solution Products Officially Listed in LKPP E Catalogue Website

Satoria Pharma’s 4 IV Solution Products – Ringer Lactate, Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Dextrose 5% and Dextrose 10% are officially listed in the Indonesian Government’s LPSE E Catalogue website. Government hospitals across the Nation are able to purchase our products through the E Purchasing Platform.

Satoria Pharma also serves privately-owned hospitals not purchasing through the E Catalogue system and offers its branded products “Inochi” to prestigious hospitals in Indonesia.

With production capacity of 50 Million bottles/year, Satoria Pharma is the only 100% Indonesian Investment Pharmaceutical Company to be awarded in this biennial Government Tender process.


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Satoria Pharma, registered under a legal name PT. Satoria Aneka Industri, is an Indonesian based pharmaceutical manufacturing company that is established in early 2014. Read more


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