To ensure that quality of life is accessible to everyone, prolong lives and prevent deaths from chronic diseases.


  • To be a center of information of healthy living for prevention and curing of diseases.
  • To make health technology and products of high value accessible and affordable to everyone.
  • To be in endless pursuit for new technology and innovation to deliver international standard products and services catering to diverse medical needs.
  • To form strategic partnership with relevant institutions to support the advancements in medical science related to the cure of chronic diseases.



    • We share ideas and best practices to each other
    • We aid colleagues to grow personally and professionally
    • We respect different background, experiences, and opinions
    • We work hard and play hard together


    • We volunteer our personal time and effort for all stakeholders involved
    • We commit and hold ourselves accountable for our own work and actions
    • We develop awareness and continuously build on social responsibility
    • We promote diversity and equality in the workforce


    • We foster long term and lasting relationship with our customers
    • We create value for our customers
    • We treat customers with respect and flexibility
    • We respond to customers efficiently and effectively
    • We prioritize and focus on customers’ satisfaction


    • We conduct all matters of business with honesty and integrity
    • We practice and uphold ethical and moral principles
    • We value trust and preserve this with all stakeholders involved


    • We take ownership of the company’s future
    • We initiate upon opportunities to help the company grow further
    • We build a problem solving mentality to tackle any ongoing and potential problems
    • We learn and improve from both success and failure
    • We inspire others and seek new innovations to solutions

Satoria Pharma, registered under a legal name PT. Satoria Aneka Industri, is an Indonesian based pharmaceutical manufacturing company that is established in early 2014. Read more


Jl. Pradah Jaya I No.1, Pradahkalikendal, Kec. Dukuhpakis, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60226

Email : info@satoriapharma.com

Telepon : +62 31 9900 0970

Fax : +62 31 9900 0971